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Insider Tips & Tricks: How to Wear Strapless and Backless!

Posted on April 22 2016

We all know the horror story: You find an amazing dress at the store with a beautiful open back detail. You have to have it! You run home, try it on, and... 

Boom. Your bra strap ruins it all. Whatever will you do?! This is the end of the world! Go braless? No way. Try to tape the strap down? Um, uncomfortable much? You're about to give up and just take the dress back when... You remember hearing about stick-on bras somewhere. But, how do they work? Is it even worth it?

Well, never fear! Blog the BYB is here to save the day. This is your guide to wearing strapless and backless items this summer! 

Stick on Bras

These guys work best with a more formal or dressy look, say, a prom dress! This is the one I wore to my Junior Prom, under a strapless dress:


This is the Fashion Forms Backless Strapless U-Plunge bra. It has sticky, padded cups, underwires, and sticky flaps that wrap around your sides to keep everything extra secure. It's my go-to whenever I have a tricky dress! The U shape is especially great for deep necklines (and the padded cups give great cleavage!). 

Don't think this one is for you? Our friends at Cosmopolitan tried out 6 sticky bras and reviewed them, just for you! Go check it out! 

Or, you can head over to Aerie, where they have a huge selection of adhesive bras and accessories for under $40!


Option 2, a bralette. What the heck is that?? You may ask. Well, it is essentially a cute, sometimes lacy, cut off tank top to wear in place of a bra! Sometimes lined and padded, sometimes not. Here are a few of The BYB's selections:


Lacy Halter Bralette ~ Multi-Strap Sexy Bralette ~ Oh So Strappy Bralette

We love to wear these with more causal outfits, like under a tank top or a flannel. Check it out!

The tank itself is pretty lightweight and low cut, so instead of being self conscious about your bra showing all day, just wear a bralette instead! It instantly becomes a laid back, cool-girl outfit, and the lace adds just a little bit of femininity. 

We love the way a bralette looks under a flannel! Casual, with just a hint of sexy! Perfect for a late night bonfire on the lake. 


Well ladies, there you have it! The best ways to tackle backless and strapless pieces! No need to be afraid of them anymore, now you know the secrets! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below! We love feedback!

We'll see you on Monday with another member of our fabulous team! 



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