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Meet Our Team: About Hannah

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Image Credit: Talara Jo Photography
Meet Hannah, everyone! She, like Ashton and Lauren, is a senior this year! After she graduates, she plans on going to Eastern Kentucky University and majoring in Nursing! She's one of the sweetest girls we know, so that will be a perfect job for her! She loves to spend as much time as she can with her family and friends, when she's not killing herself at work, that is! She's known Ashton and Amy for as long as she can remember, so it's no surprise that she's a member of the BYB Family! We just love her! Let's check out Hannah's picks for her fave items.
Hannah says: "I love all three of these dresses because they're so easy to dress up or down! I have them all and I find myself wearing them constantly!"
We'll be back on Thursday with another fabulous post! Until then, lovelies!

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