4 Reasons I Have a Love / Hate Relationship with Bras!

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Over the past few months I have come to realize that I have a love / hate relationship with bras! Why is that you may ask? Well let's just say that today's trends require a person to be creative in order to be able to wear the open back, loose fit, strapless styles.  I'll go ahead and admit right now that being a 40ish year old Momma to 4 doesn't lend itself to perky tatas, if you know what I mean?!?!  My girls require a little support! 

On my endless quest to find all the tata answers, I have come up with 4 bra solutions I absolutely love!

1. I have always hated clothing that requires a strapless bra.  However, I absolutely love our "Out on the Town Maxi," so I was determined to find a strapless bra that would fit & not show all the lines.  Fortunately I was successful and have fallen in love with MaidenForm Dream Collection Bandeau.  I could truly wear this bra everyday.  I actually went back & ordered myself another color and purchased one for Ashton as well! (hint: They are only $21.99 at Belk)


 2. Anyone that knows me, knows I have a PIKO addiction.  It has seriously become an issue!  However, when I first started wearing PIKO tops I had an ungodly bra line that drove me (and my mother) crazy!  A good example can be seen in this picture of Ashton modeling our Glacier Gray PIKO top.  Yikes! It's fair to say I hate this bra line!  Since this picture I have went on another hunt for the perfect T-Shirt bra.  I'm sure there are a lot of great t-shirt bras out there, but below is the one I have come to LOVE! (Warner's Cloud 9 Wire-Free Contour Bra)


        "NORMAL BRA"                                                             "T-SHIRT BRA"

3. One of the most common questions we get about items that have no back or just lace is "how am I supposed to wear that?"  Rarely you will find someone who is comfortable going without a bra and although some people says its okay to just let your bra straps hang out, most don't want to do that either!  I hate when we have customers who aren't comfortable wearing our clothes almost as much as I hate having beautiful clothes that our customers aren't comfortable wearing.  Which leads me to our next solution(s) ... 1. The Unbra & 2. Silicone Nipple Covers.  In the picture below, Ashton is wearing "The Unbra".  As you can see it works just like a bra and you don't have any straps showing in the back.  These bras are very comfortable, washable, & reusable.  We have just started carrying these in our "Accessory Boutique" if you would like to check them out.


4. The last thing I hate about a bra is when I get all dressed up and low and behold, all I see is it hanging out of my shirt!  This is especially a problem with loose tunics that have large arm holes or razorback tees!  Well, I can definitely say I am thankful for whomever came up with the idea of a bralette!  They are so colorful, fun, comfy, & creative!  Take for instance our "Crochet Me Softly" dress.  It is a sundress with an oversized loose fit.  Alone this dress just looks like you are wearing a dress two sizes to big and there is no real way to wear a typical bra, however with our royal blue "Oh So Strappy" bralette, it looks like sweet perfection! 


Bonus Tip I Love: Although most of our Bralettes come with light padding, there are some bralette's that either have no padding or not enough.  A great solution is to use the "Un-Bra" underneath your bralette!  Magic! Whoever thought of that little trick first was brilliant!

Well Ladies, I hope you have enjoyed my rant on bras!  Stayed tuned as we will have more Blog the BYB post in the near future!



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