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Everyone, meet Emily! You probably haven't seen her face before; that's because she's not a model! She is our behind-the-scenes gal. She names our products, writes those witty descriptions, and these blog posts (Hi, it's me!). Emily is 18 and just finished her first semester at Somerset Community College! She plans to work all summer at TJ Maxx, and then do one more semester in Somerset this fall before transferring to the University of Kentucky in the spring! She plans to major in Mathematics with a minor in Business Administration.
In her free time, Emily loves to do all things fashion! She loves putting together outfits, reading up on the latest trends, and, of course, shopping. That's part of the reason she loves working at TJ Maxx so much! She even writes her own blog, Stugan, which she hopes to turn into a possible career someday. Go check it out! Here are some of Emily's favorite pieces. 
Emily says: "This is the first dress I bought from the BYB and I've worn it so many times since! It's super lightweight and flowy, perfect for those hot summer days! I love pairing it with a Chambray shirt and strappy sandals for the ultimate BoHo look."
Emily says: "Can you tell I have a thing for Bohemian style? I just love the color of this one! It looks super easy to wear. Definitely my next purchase."
Emily says: "Now, this top is on the complete other end of the spectrum for me! I do love me some BoHo, but I'm a preppy girl at heart. This hot pink speaks to me on a deep, emotional level! Pink, glitter, and flamingoes: those are the ways to my heart. I can see myself wearing this top every single day! Not only is it my favorite color, it's super comfy too!"
We'll see you again on Thursday, loves! Happy shopping!
May 09, 2016 — Anees pvt

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